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There are many quires that comes in the mind of the clients who come here to take the service but we are always here to solve all the quires which you need to get before taking the service. When you are come here to take the service with us you never have to face any of the issues because our support team is always available for you to give the best service companion with the female.

Some common query which we are trying to solve for the clients who are come here for the first time to get the service with us in Bangalore escorts.

All of our team is always available for you when you come here to get the fun with hot females because the motive of the Bangalore escort is the satisfaction of the clients with our happening service.

Will we get the service at any time?

Yes, we are available here for all time to give the service.

Can we take girls for the service in our areas?

Sure, any of male who is interested to get fun will take the girl for the outcall.

There is an advance payment for the service?

There is no advance for the clients but when a girl reaches you can pay.

Which of the payment option are available?

There is all payment option are available like cash, wallet and cards also.

Any of the hidden charges for the clients?

There are no hidden charges for the clients for the service.

Will the escort girls carry safety?

Yes, the escort girls will carry safety.

Do the escort girls give the service before the payment?

The service will be started after full payment.

Any of the identity is required for the clients when come to take the service?

The identity cards are not required when come to get the service.

When we go to the hotels for the service the identity is required?

If you want a girl to carry Identity Card she will carry to the hotel directly.

All of the girls are tested and hygiene?

All females are tested and hygiene. So, you will never face any of the issues.

The clients’ identity would be shared with any of the other people?

We don't share your identities details with any other persons.

The girls will communicate before booking the service with her?

The girl will call or initiate communication only after the booking is confirmed with her for the service.

We can take the incall service?

No, we are not offering the in call service to new the clients.

Will escort girls will be getting ready to give the services in all styles?

The clients can take the service in ways which he required with the girls.

Can we select the female which we like for the service?

Easily you can choose any of the females which you like for the service.

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